The Aquilo Ice Pants are an advanced cryo-compression system designed to be the ultimate portable recovery tool. Bringing cooling and compression into your training routine will enhance your athletic performance, reduce your muscle damage and soreness, and even help improve your quality of sleep! We are taking the known benefits of ice baths and compression and combining them into a simple portable system. Here’s how it works:

The Aquilo System is made up of 4 main components:

  1. The Aquilo Control Unit is a 10L insulated reservoir which contains the icy water and keeps it cold during the treatment. Inside the unit is a powerful pump that sends the icy water into the pants.

  2. The Aquilo Compression Pant is the outer black garment which holds the inner pads in place. This garment zips down to squeeze the pads against the skin.

  3. The Aquilo Cooling Pads are the inner plastic layer of the pants. These pads are custom made and highly durable. They fit softly against the entire surface area of the leg while avoiding undesirable cooling spots such as the groin.

  4. The Portable Battery is a small but efficient 24V battery which will provide 6-8 treatments (15-20 min/treatment) per charge. This battery powers the strong internal pump which sends the icy water into the Aquilo Cooling Pads when the system is turned on.

Typical Treatment:

  • The Control Unit is filled up with 10L of ice and water.

  • The Ice Pants are put onto the legs and zipped down to the ankles.

  • The Ice Pants are connected to the Control Unit.

  • The Portable battery is plugged into the Control Unit.

  • The Control Unit is turned on and the icy water begins to pump into the pads covering the legs.

    • As the pads begin to fill with the icy water, there is an increase in compression as they squeeze and conform to the shape of the muscles.

    • Since the water is fully contained within the pants, your legs stay completely dry during the treatment.

  • After the water has begun to flow, sit down and relax for 15-20 minutes.

  • During this 15-20 minutes, your legs will receive targeted ice bath temperatures of 10-12ºC.

  • The Aquilo Ice Pants not only cool the skin and muscles beneath the pads, but they also cool the blood supply of the legs located at the inner thigh. This creates an inner and outer cooling process which will keep you feeling recovered long after you take the pants off.